Brief History
of the
Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawai‘i

The mission of the Filipino-American Historical Society (FAHSOH) is to foster an appreciation of the heritage and experiences of Filipino Americans in Hawaii. We believe that knowledge of the history and culture of all peoples affirms individual dignity and teaches respect and understanding.

The Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawai‘i (FAHSOH) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which preserves, enhances and promotes an appreciation of Filipino heritage and the experiences of Filipino Americans in Hawai‘i.

Organized in 1980 FAHSOH brings together individuals who are interested in learning more about Filipino heritage and increasing their understanding of the Filipino American experience. FAHSOH shares this knowledge with the wider community through exhibits, community forums, workshops, publications and other public presentations and dialogues.

FAHSOH also collaborates with other organizations and individuals in the community who share similar interests in promoting the understanding of the Filipino American experience and that of other ethnic groups in Hawai‘i. Membership is open to all who are committed to supporting the aims of FAHSOH and are willing to share in the responsibility of implementing the projects and activities of the Society. The minimal annual membership dues are listed on our brochure (download PDF file at right).

Some of the highlights of FAHSOH programming are the following:

  • Production of "Sangang Daan" Video (1981)
  • Forums: "Remembering the Olden Days: The Filipino-American Experience in Hawai‘i (Life in Rural Hawai‘i, Life in Urban Hawai‘i, The Second Generation)" (1991)
  • Publication of The Filipino-American Experience in Hawai‘i (Social Process in Hawai‘i, vol. 33) (1991)
  • Forum: "Filipino-American Experience in Hawai‘i (The Younger Generation, The New Generation)" (1992)
  • Exhibits: "The Filipinos’ Continuing Quest for Freedom and Dignity, Parts I & II" (1996 & 1998)
  • Forum: "The Legacy of Filipino Plantation Workers in Hawai‘i" (1996)
  • Production of "Katipunan: A Cry for Freedom" (1997)
  • Exhibit: "Kasaysayan and Ka Mo‘aukala: The Continuing Revolutions of the Philippines and Hawai‘i" (2001)
  • Publication of Unbending Cane, by Melinda Tria Kerkvliet (2002)
  • Forum: "Documenting Filipino American Lives in Hawai‘i" (2004)
  • Establishing eFIL: Filipino Digital Archives and History Center of Hawai‘i (2006)
  • Host for the 2006 Filipino American National Historical Society national conference in Honolulu
  • Production of "To U.S. with Aloha and Mabuhay" (2006)
  • Exhibit: "A Wahiawa Hero: Stanley Sabihon" (2008)
  • Exhibit: "Art as a Weapon: Cartoons of Corky Trinidad" (2010)
  • Forum: "Kula San: Maui's Healing Place" (2010) 
  • Exhibit: "Philippine Komiks: Creating and Reflecting Filipino Sensibilities" (2011)
  • Production of "Hawaii Masters of Eskrima" (2016) 
  • Exhibit: "Sakadas and Soldiers: Hawaii's Filipinos in World War I" (2017)
  • Exhibit: "Loyalty and Valor: Hawaii's Filipino and Filipino American Soldiers" (2018)