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Filipino American History Month

The Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawai‘i (FAHSOH) normally coordinates several activities promoting Filipino American history throughout the year, as well as commemorating Hawaii's official recognition of Filipino American History Month (FAHM) in October. Recognized on the U.S. continent for several years, FAHM became officially recognized in Hawai‘i in 2008 with the passing of legislation introduced by State Representative Joey Manahan (Kalihi).

Covid-19 Updates

Due to the uncertainties of public gatherings, FAHSOH has not scheduled any public exhibits or face-to-face presentations for 2020. As time permits, presentations of previous exhibits and projects will be prepared and uploaded for online viewing.  These online presentations, as well as access to our digital archives, will be available on our digital archives website, eFIL: Filipino Digital Archives and History Center of Hawaii.

New online exhibits currently being prepared for our digital archives website include the following:

"Makibaka: Huwag Matakot!" (Struggle: Do Not Be Afraid) (2019)

"Makibaka: Huwag Matakot!" was the rallying cry for a group of local-born and immigrant Filipinos threatened with eviction from their Waipahu homes. First presented in 2019  Johnny Verzon's documentary presents this 30-year struggle by Ota Camp residents and community supporters to gain the right to own their homes and maintain their community.

Loyalty and Valor: Hawaii's Filipino and Filipino American Soldiers (2018)

Our WWII exhibit covers the participation of Filipinos in the Philippine Campaign, especially as part of the First and Second Filipino Regiments, and the crucial role Filipinos and Filipino Americans played in liberating the Philippines from Imperial Japan's occupation. Assembled a part of the 2018 Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Filipino WWII veterans, "Loyalty and Valor" is not only a testament to the heroics and sacrifices of Filipinos and Filipino Americans but also, once again, to promises made and not kept by the United States. Funded, in part, by the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project.

Sakadas and Soldiers: Hawaii's Filipino Americans in WWI (2017)

Our WWI exhibit describes the historically-neglected experiences of Filipino plantation workers who volunteered to defend Hawaii during WWI. Over 4000 Filipinos were recruited to serve in the Hawaiian National Guard in the lead up to and during the war. Their experiences, contribution and legacy have been overlooked by historians, for their story illustrates the first time promises were made and not kept by the United States and Hawaii Territorial governments.

Hawaii Masters of Eskrima (2016)

Building upon the enthusiastic response from 2013's FilAm HistoryFest 2013: Filipino Martial Arts in Hawaii, FAHSOH received a funding from the Hawaii Council for the Humanities to produce a video documentary on Hawaii masters of Filipino martial arts. Included in this project are oral histories of eskrima masters and displays of the martial arts styles associated and perpetuated by the schools.

A Hawaii Masters of Eskrima DVD is being distributed to libraries and is available to the general public. For more information, send email to:

eFIL: Filipino American Digital Archives and History Center of Hawaii

FAHSOH continues to plan new exhibits and projects during this time, so please come back to this webpage or to our digital archives website for further updates. We wish everyone good health and encourage practicing recommended safety guidelines for yourself, your family and your community. We will get through this pandemic but only by acting as a community.

Philippine Komiks: Creating and Reflecting Filipino Sensibilities

On going from December 11, 2011

Filipino Community Center, Waipahu, Oahu.

FAHSOH member Clement Bautista, administrator of eFIL: Filipino Digital Archives of Hawaii, assembled a traveling exhibit on Philippine komiks entitled, Philippine Komiks: Creating and Reflecting Filipino Sensibilities. The exhibit explores the formal constructs of komiks and how they communicate through their structural features. From the earliest known komiks created by Philippine national hero, Jose P. Rizal, to contemporary variations of the superwoman Darna, Filipino notions of time, place, personhood and hierarchy are created and reflected. By examining komiks within the Philippine context, as an activity of objectified reflection, this project will attempt to present a more generalized approach to understanding the comics phenomena that continually captives our society. Funded, in part, by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities. Go to Philippine Komiks exhibit webpage: [click here].

Exhibit previously on display at Hamilton Library Asian Collection (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and the Hawaii State Library (Honolulu).

Other FAHSOH Activities

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eFIL: Filipino American Digital Archives and History Center of Hawaii

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